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Herbal Slim Raspberry Ketone with Green Tea

Herbal Slim Raspberry Ketone with Green Tea

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Raspberry Ketone 100 mg

Psyllium Husk Powder 200mg

Herbal Slim™ Raspberry ketone is a major aromatic compound inred raspberries, responsible for the raspberries’ tangy scent.There is only about 1-4mg of raspberryketones in a kilogram of red raspberries.Thus, it would not be possible to eatenough raspberries to see noticeablebenets.


Herbal Slim™ Raspberry Ketone,does it really work?

There are two research studies involvingmice that were fed high-fat diets and highdoses of raspberry ketones (1-2% of foodweight). The mice, which were fed raspberry ketones, did notgain as much weight as those that were not. When examined,it was found that the mice on raspberry ketones had higherlevels of the hormone, adiponectin. Another study also foundthat raspberry ketones promoted the breakdown of fat insidethe fat cells to increase weight loss in mice. Thus, raspberryketones have been provento reduce body fat in mice.


How fast does it work?

Some people see results in a few days, and experienceprogressive weight loss over time. A combination of healthydiet and exercise will produce signicant weight lossresults.How much should be taken (dosage)?Since raspberry ketones have been used since 1960s andextracted from natural fruits, it is considered a GenerallyRecognized as Safe (GRAS) ingredient on FDA database.However, medical specialists recommend a dose ofapproximately 100 to 200mg at breakfast to help supportweight loss.Herbal Slim™ Raspberry Ketone- Natural Weight Loss SolutionHerbal Slim™ Raspberry Ketone isan dietary supplement, using raspberryketone concentrates (100 mg)Herbal Slim™ Raspberry Ketone’s unique blend isan ecient way to lose weight

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