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Pascoe Basentabs  pH balance

Pascoe Basentabs pH balance


Why is acid-base balance important? What can you do? PASCOE has the best solution Basic tips • A well-balanced diet with at least 7 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables per day • Less meat and dairy • Regular outdoor activities • Decrease stress Do you need to support your acid-base balance? The body naturally balances the excess acids in food with its own buffers. But if the balance is tipped too much towards acids, for example due to diet or stress, then your body needs additional support. BASENTABS pH-balance PASCOE® • Support for a stable acid-base balance with Zinc • Ideal 3:1 calcium:magnesium ratio • Proven high alkalinizing capacity The role of zinc and minerals Zinc is valuable for forming buffers and therefore supports a stable acid-base balance. Zinc also contributes to maintaining healthy: • Hair, nails, skin • Vision • Function of the immune system • Bones In addition, zinc helps to protect cells from oxidative stress. Minerals, such as calcium and magnesium contribute to healthy muscle function and maintaining healthy bones. In addition, magnesium is involved in reducing tiredness and fatigue. Are you suffering from persistent stress, chronic fatigue or an unbalanced diet? If you are experiencing any of the above, you might need support to regulate your acid-base balance. For all important metabolic functions to work optimally, the body’s acid and base must be in the right balance. Unfortunately our modern lives make this very difficult. If your acid-base balance is disturbed, optimal functioning of the body will be impaired. Possible consequences of long-term hyperacidity include: chronic fatigue, pain, weight gain and even osteoporosis. When does your body need support to balance acids? • Persistent stress • Lack of exercise • High animal protein intake and low vegetable intake • Prescription drugs • Inflammatory processes (arthritis, sprains/strains, etc.) Anyone who experiences any of the above on a frequent basis should pay attention to their acid-base balance.

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