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Enerex Black Oregano 30 ml

Enerex Black Oregano 30 ml


  • Gluten Free


Powerful Booster of Immune Function

Enerex Black Oregano blends two long-standing Mediterranean treasures into one powerful modern remedy. This product combines pure Black Seed Oil and our wild-crafted Oregano Oil to provide a one-two knock-out punch to harmful bacteria, viruses, and other invading organisms. An amazing energizer of our immune system, our high potency formula makes it superior in effectiveness and can also be used topically.

Black Oregano offers intense natural immune support blending Black Seed Oil (60%) and Oregano Oil (40%) together with booster Vitamins A and D. Like Oregano Oil, Black Seed is a powerful immune enhancer, antioxidant, antibacterial and antiviral oil. The unique compounds in Black Seed and Oregano Oil function independently but also synergistically together. Their properties also contribute to respiratory and digestive health.

This blend has an appealing “nutty” flavour that gives added distinction to the Oregano. Together, the superior combination and high-potency concentration can bring quicker action for speedier relief, making this a remedy for every household.

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