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Natural Vision Therapy Eyewear

Natural Vision Therapy Eyewear


  • f you are short-sighted and you put on these Pinhole Glasses, you'll be able to see objects in the distance. (Especially great for reading subtitles at the movies or on TV.)

  • If you are far-sighted and you put on these Pinhole Glasses, you'll be able to read up close.

  • If you suffer from astigmatism or myopia and you put these Pinhole Glasses on, you'll be able to see clearly where you normally see a blur.

  • If you have blurry night vision (headlights appear like a rounded blurry light ball instead of a focused object, for example), you'll also be able to see quite clearly with these Pinhole Glasses.

  • Many people with a lazy eye find that wearing Natural Vision Pinhole Glasses over time will help assuage or do away with the issue entirely.

  • If you wear contact lenses, take them off while wearing the Natural Vision Pinhole Glasses: that way, you will derive full benefit from the Pinhole Glasses.

  • Sounds amazing? It is amazing, but true. These non-prescription pinhole glasses direct light in a linear line to your eyes, allowing you to clearly see objects that you would normally need glasses to see. They train your eyes to focus correctly without straining (strain was listed by Bates as one of the leading causes of impaired vision). For all the reasons above, the Pinhole Glasses prove conclusively that our eyes can see just fine, that the disparate conditions of farsightedness and nearsightedness are rooted in the processing of the actual images seen by the eyes. The brain's processing may have been cross-wired, resulting in a blurry perception. Your eyes have not permanently changed in shape with age.

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